This 10-day Wellness Itinerary to Ireland highlights culture, Irish mainstays & off the beaten track attractions, and of course, plenty of clean eating options and activities for well-supported travel and adventure!

Ireland is a true treasure. It\’s on nearly everyone\’s travel bucket list and known to be the trip of a lifetime! There is so much culture, beautiful countryside, history, and unique Irish quirks to enjoy.

The first time I went to Ireland I was 20 and it was a quick weekend trip. So, I was so excited when my husband and I got the opportunity to visit together in the Fall of 2021.

When I was planning this 10-Day Wellness Itinerary to Ireland, I was pleasantly surprised to discover in my research so many healthy, local cafes. But, I couldn\’t wait to get on there on the ground and do some true exploring!

In this 10-day Wellness Itinerary to Ireland, we focus mostly on Dublin and Ireland\’s West Coast.


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Getting Around

TFI (Transport for Ireland) is a one-stop shop for planning your journey across Ireland on bus, train, tram, taxi, and more!

Irish Rail is Ireland\’s railway that offers travelers the opportunity to prebook tickets for intercity travel. This is a great option for stress-free travel and if you are only traveling to a couple of city\’s or towns during your stay.

Buses are also a great option to see the sights of Ireland. You will find the option in larger cities of public bus networks that are often \”hop-on, hop-off\”. To experience the countryside and off-the-beaten-track sites of Ireland, there are many public and private tour bus options.

Taxis are nearly everywhere in the larger cities of Ireland, especially Dublin. It is a piece of cake getting one unless it\’s peak hours or a holiday. Our taxi drivers were like our own personal tour guides in Ireland. This is the beauty of the culture here. They all wanted to talk, share sights and bits of history with us and their favorite spots.

  • *Download the app Free Now before traveling to Dublin, Limerick, or Cork. This lets you prebook taxis or request a taxi (like an Uber), instead of hailing one on the street. This came in handy when we had specific departure times from our hotel or were in obscure parts of the city.

A Rental Car was our pick, and for this itinerary, it is a must. We do most of our traveling with a rental car once we arrive at our destination, unless we are in a large city, like Dublin. In that case, we try to walk as much as we can or use public transportation.


  • The Irish drive on the Left side of the road and the Right side of the car.
  • Always check with your car insurance company about the coverage they offer in Ireland. (It changes depending on the country)
  • Speed limits are in kilometers in the Republic of Ireland
  • If you see a N or L on the back windshield of a car – these mean Novice and Learner. So, exercise extra caution around these vehicles.
  • Parking is found pretty easily in smaller towns and villages by Blue P signs with arrows. *Sometimes Public Restrooms can even be found at public parking lots (like in Kenmare).
  • Navigation. We typically use our Verizon service while we are abroad, however is you don\’t have this, I recommend downloading the areas you will visit on Google Maps. This allows you to access maps while you are offline, so no matter where you are, you can always receive directions through Google Maps.

\”Clean\” Highlights in Ireland

Centra Gas & Green Kitchen


As you drive throughout Ireland, you will see Centra Gas. Sometimes these are just convenience stores, but mostly they are gas stations.

These are amazing resources!! You\’ll find a grocery store of sorts inside. There are fresh salads to go, fresh produce (even local sometimes), organic yogurt, local cheeses, and many other cold grocery goods.

Milk Alternatives

Almost all coffee shops and restaurants have milk alternatives. The most common we found was Oat Milk, but many places also have Almond, Soy, and Coconut Milk. *Always be aware of potential added sweeteners in these.

Health Food & Organic Stores


Pretty much every village that we stopped in or stayed in had a health food store and/or an organic shop. This was one of my favorite things we found while traveling here!

Items you can expect at these stores include – organic grains/cereals for cooking, fresh local produce, local cow/goat/sheep meats & cheese, vegan and vegetarian meals and alternatives, ready-to-go microwave/oven meals, healthy snacks, drinks, and sweets, body, and home products, and so much more!

Dietary Restrictions

Allergens are typically always labeled on restaurant menus by a legend. Each allergen is given a number & if a dish contains an allergen, that dish will be labeled with the number.

Most restaurants were able to accommodate most of our restrictions and make adjustments in the kitchen if a dish contained something we weren\’t able to have.

*Note – Irish puddings (sausages) are very popular for breakfast and often contain gluten and/or grains like oats, wheat, etc.

Clean Eating

Most B&B\’s, Guesthouses, and Hotels have Irish Smoked Salmon on the breakfast menu (great Omega-3 source). This, paired with eggs any style is divine!

Irish meats, seafood, and dairy products can be found at some restaurants, guesthouses, and grocery stores. These are typically local and pasture-raised.

It may be slightly more expensive, but it is fairly easy to find restaurants throughout Ireland, that strive for a farm-to-table model.

*Don\’t miss my Clean Travel Guides to Dingle, Dublin & Galway!*


DAY 1 – Travel to Dublin

Arrive at Dublin International Airport

Dublin is the capital of Ireland and one of the easiest and cheapest places to fly in and out of.

Depending on where you are flying from, travel may consume most of your day. If you are on an extended flight, don\’t forget your jet lag homeopathy!

Take a Taxi to your Hotel or Guesthouse

There is a taxi line at the airport where you can easily get a cab into the city. You can also request a ride on your Free Now app.


We loved our Irish taxi rides. All of our drivers were a wealth of knowledge and had great tips for being in and around the city. They also had good advice for driving, once we left the city!

Check in at Cassidy\’s Hotel

We stayed at Cassidy\’s for the great location (on O\’Connell St.) to the city center and attractions.

It is an upscale hotel with a beautiful classic bar room that serves daily tea and a wide variety of alcoholic drinks. They also have an elegant upscale restaurant – Restaurant Six – that sources local produce, Irish meats, and seafood.

Breakfast is not complimentary, but you can add it when you book your stay.

DAY 2 – Explore Dublin

Start My Self-Guided Walking Tour of Dublin

A Walking Tour of Dublin can take a bit of time because of the distance between several of the sights. You also want to take time to soak up the culture and be spontaneous!

So, we broke up the walking tour between two days, to fit in eating, rest time, and shopping.

Lunch at Cornucopia Wholefoods Restaurant


We fit this into our walking tour because it\’s a great location, in the city center, near The Book of Kells and Grafton Street. This was one of our favorite places we ate at. It\’s got a great atmosphere, with plenty of dining room.

Their menu is 100% vegetarian, with vegan, gluten-free, and paleo options. They serve organic coffee, organic wine, and specialty drinks. The cakes and pastries are vegan from their 100% plant-based bakery.

They have a cooler in the front of the café with drinks, and Leamhain ice cream sandwiches (vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free).

*Be careful of soy exposure, added sugar, and oils (they do a label for these allergens).

Continue Self-Guided Walking Tour

Dinner at Brother Hubbard North


Brother Hubbard is one of the coolest restaurants we ate at in Dublin. They serve Middle Eastern-style cuisine with a menu full of gluten-free and vegan options.

They locally source and many of their dishes have goat\’s milk and cheeses. Brother Hubbard does a tasting menu as well!

DAY 3 – Explore Dublin

Eat Brunch at Bafles


Bafles is a restaurant located in The Westbury near Grafton Street. They have gluten-free options & bread, and plenty of vegetarian and vegan choices. Their menu also has a Bodybyrne meal section with healthier options.

I loved their atmosphere, enjoyed sitting and enjoying a dairy-free latte for Sunday Brunch. *Be sure and make a reservation…it\’s a popular place!

Complete My Self-Guided Walking Tour of Dublin

Finish out the spots you didn\’t get to yesterday!

Dinner at The Old Spot


We happened to be in Dublin on a Sunday. If you are in Dublin on a Sunday, you have to enjoy a classic Irish Sunday Roast Dinner. The Old Spot was the perfect gastropub to experience this.

The vibe of this place has a perfect Irish gastropub feel. It\’s warm, comfortable, and the staff was so nice.

They did a fantastic job in accommodating all of our dietary requests, and it was delicious. There are several gluten-free and dairy-free options, and we were able to maintain our paleo preferences.

DAY 4 – Dublin to Kenmare

Drive 4 hours to Kenmare

Take a Taxi to the airport to pick up a Rental Car & start your journey to Kenmare.

<Optional Stops On The Drive to Kenmare>

Kildare for Shopping

  • About 45 minutes from the airport. Kildare has a beautiful designer outlet shopping village.

Rock of Cashel **Highly Recommend!**

  • Dating back to the 12th century, the Rock of Cashel is a collection of medieval monuments that make up this beautiful and unique heritage site.
  • *This site is free. I highly recommend the guided tour – they leave on the top of every hour! There are public toilets and parking near the site.

Lunch at Mikey Ryan\’s in Cashel Village

  • This place has a fantastic atmosphere, even if you\’re only stopping for a drink or coffee! The menu is great, they work with dietary restrictions, and they have gluten-free bread and almond milk for your dairy-free latte.
  • *There is metered parking along Main Street.

Explore Kenmare Town


Kenmare is a quintessential Irish village. We loved it here and wished we could have stayed longer. If you\’re looking for a place to base out of for day trips and to experience authentic Irish culture, this is a perfect pick.

You\’ll find a couple of organic shops, local butchers & seafood mongers, pubs, cafes, boutiques, and local artisan shops.

*There is a public parking lot with public restrooms that are easily walkable from the center of the village (Follow the blue P signs).

Check in at Parknasilla Hotel


Parknasilla is actually on the Ring of Kerry, which is awesome. If you don\’t get to do the entire Ring of Kerry (which we opted not to do on this trip), driving to Parknasilla, you get to see a few parts of the Ring.

Book a time to swim in the indoor heated pool or relax in the outdoor hot tubs or heated saltwater pool that look out onto the bay.

Explore the grounds of the estate, they are incredible. You can get a map at check-in that has directions to the many different trails, photo spots, and sightseeing.

Dinner at Parknasilla Hotel

If you have the option, have dinner in the lounge, instead of the main dining room. They start live music around 8 PM. After we ate, we stayed in the comfy lounge chairs, had a drink, and listened to the pianist. It was perfect.

Parknasilla met all of our dietary requirements for paleo and has allergens labeled on the menu.

DAY 5 – Kenmare to Dingle

Take a Morning Walk

We loved the trails that were oceanside and found incredible views of the bay. Parknasilla has a coffee shop with alternative kinds of milk and sweetener options – so grab a coffee and find a quiet spot to soak in the beauty.


Breakfast at Parknasilla

Breakfast is typically included in your Bed and Breakfast room rate. It is a buffet & self-order menu that is served in the main dining room, which has beautiful views of the bay and grounds. The menu has free-range eggs, local produce, and meats.

Explore The Ring of Kerry


<Options for Exploring The Ring of Kerry>

Drive the rest of the Ring of Kerry

  • This will take you in a clockwise direction. Tour buses drive the ring counterclockwise, so you won\’t get stuck behind them. This drive can take as little as 3.5 hours or as long as you would like it to with stops, shopping, and sightseeing.
  • Typically travelers will choose either the Ring of Kerry or the Dingle Peninsula to explore. We did a bit of both, but driving the entirety of both, would be a lot and probably seem a bit redundant.

Explore Killarney National Park

  • The park is considered along the Ring of Kerry, but it is easier to access and very large with a lot of hiking and sightseeing.
  • Visit Muckross House, Torc Waterfall, and do a hike! (We chose the 1.5-hour Lakeside Walk near Muckross House & Torc).

Explore Killarney Town

  • Have lunch here, stop in some local shops, or visit the local bookstores! Killarney is one of the larger and more popular towns in western Ireland. Many stay here because it is a large hub to base out of for day trips.

Eat Lunch at The Mad Monk

  • This is a local seafood bar that serves fresh, sustainably caught seafood. They source from Quinlan\’s Kerry Fish – which is a local small business that sources fresh and sustainable fish for the area.
  • They have several restaurants that they provide seafood for – Mad Monk is one of them. You can also find Quinlan shops where you can buy fresh seafood or order it to be shipped if you like!

Stop at the Gap of Dunloe


Coming from Killarney, you will arrive at the end of a two-way road, where you will see a couple of cafés. Then the road continues as a narrow passage through the Gap of Dunloe. This is an incredibly beautiful area of the countryside with some breathtaking views.

You can park at the cafés and walk to the bridge, where you\’ll find some great views. Or, you can slowly drive along the passage (even to the other side). Just watch out for the horse-drawn carriages, which are available for hire near the entrance. There are several areas available to pull off to the side of the road for passing or taking photos.

*You can drive the entire way through!*


Drive 1 hour to the Dingle Peninsula

<Optional Stops on the Drive to Dingle Peninsula>

Milltown\’s Organic Store

  • Along the way, you\’ll pass through the quaint town of Milltown. There is a great organic shop you can stop at for local produce, meats, health foods, and supplements!

The Phoenix in Castlemaine

  • Just north of Milltown, and right before you enter the peninsula, is this organic vegetarian restaurant and B&B (with their organic garden)!

Inch Beach

  • This will probably be your only opportunity to stop at Inch Beach on the way into Dingle. We didn\’t because it was raining and we were tired, but it\’s truly beautiful and a great place to see and watch surfers!

Check in at Greenmount House


This was an absolute highlight stay of our trip. Greenmount is a beautiful guesthouse in Dingle with amazing views of the bay. They have so many extra amenities and accommodations that you can take advantage of during your stay.

Everything was easily walkable from the guesthouse, the included breakfast was amazing, and all of the rooms were beautiful and updated!

Dinner at Doyle\’s Seafood


This place is a *must-eat* if you go to Dingle! It is so popular, always busy, and has a wonderful menu with fresh Ireland seafood. They accommodated our dietary restrictions very well, and have a good wine list.

*Be sure to make a reservation! Just a 2-minute walk from Greenmount Guesthouse!

DAY 6 – Drive Dingle Peninsula Slea Head Drive

Embark on a morning drive on Slea Head Drive


Check out my post Guide to Dingle Peninsula Slea Head Drive for detailed stops and clean eats!

So many people debate if driving Dingle Peninsula or Ring of Kerry is better – there are tons of mixed reviews. We did both areas for more exploration (which I don\’t particularly recommend – choose 1 if you can).

After experiencing both, I recommend Dingle. Dingle is by far, one of my favorite places in Ireland after visiting this time around. Slea Head Drive is shorter than Ring of Kerry but has beautiful views, incredible historical sites, and great eating options. It\’s only about 30 miles long, but the roads are winding and with stops, it can take up to several hours to complete

If you are visiting during the off-season or winter, many restaurants, cafés, and shops may be closed. During our visit in early October, many businesses were closed for a short break between summer and fall. It wasn\’t ideal, but we also got the benefit of having the sites to ourselves, sleepy towns, and being some of the only patrons around.

*It\’s recommended to drive Slea Head Drive clockwise.

Grab Lunch at Thyme Out


If you don\’t get lunch on Slea Head Drive, you can\’t miss out on Thyme Out Cafe!

Thyme Out is a vegetarian cafe with vegan options. It has a few tables inside and a couple in the back garden, but encourages call ahead orders and take away. They have a rotating menu that is written on a chalkboard easel at the door.

This was the best, after a foggy and chilly journey around Slea Head Drive!

Spend the afternoon Exploring Dingle


Dingle was a true joy to visit and we wish we could have stayed longer. There are so many local shops and cafés to explore. The best part is that it\’s all walkable.

Get a Coffee at Seed and Soul or Juice for Thought

Seed and Soul is a wellness cafe in Dingle that serves Organic Coffee and CBD products!

Juice for Thought is a health cafe with salads, sandwiches, juices, tea, coffee, and local goods!

Dinner at Fenton\’s of Dingle

Fenton\’s is in the heart of Dingle. It is a popular place to eat, so make sure you make reservations!

They source ALL of their food locally. Their beef is from a nearby organic farm, local produce from Dingle farmers or their own Fenton farm, and all seafood is sourced from local Dingle peninsula fishermen.

DAY 7 – Dingle to Galway

Grab a Take Away Juice or Coffee

There are several options, but our favorites were Juice for Thought, Seed and Soul, and Bean In Dingle.

If you don\’t want to worry about lunch while you\’re on the road, consider getting take away salad or sandwich from Juice for Thought or Thyme Out.

Drive 3 hours to Galway

<Optional Stops on the Drive to Galway>


Abbeyfeale is a small town between Dingle and Limerick. You\’ll find, like many Irish villages, there are shops, cafés, local bookstores, and boutiques! Here are a few \”clean\” spots we found.

  • Gourmet Green – A small family-owned café, uses local and organic ingredients when possible. Vegan & Gluten-free options are available!


Ennistymon is a village just before you arrive at the Cliffs of Moher. We came here twice because we wanted to visit a shop or two we missed our first time through.

  • The Aloe Tree – This store is a *must-stop*! Not only is this a great health food shop with fun gifts, but they also serve unique organic specialty coffees & drinks, smoothies, and juices. It was the BEST treat for the road.
  • Salmon Bookstore – A quaint new and used bookstore. There is a local bookstore in nearly every town in Ireland. One of my favorite things about this country.

Cliffs of Moher

  • Cliffs of Moher is one of the most popular attractions in Ireland. They are easy to find and a good stop in between County Kerry and Galway.
  • Entry is 10 Euros per person, parking is across the road, and there is a short 5-minute walk to the Cliffs. There is a small visitors center/museum that you can go inside and visit – honestly not worth the time. There is also a cafe here, but we found it expensive and the menu options not great.

The Burren

  • The Burren National Park is about 35 minutes inland from the Cliffs of Moher. Many people visit both since they are in the same area. We did not visit the Burren, because it didn\’t interest us much, but it\’s a popular stop for many!

Ballyvaughn Farmer\’s Market

  • Leaving the Cliffs of Moher, Ballyvaughan is about 40 minutes north, along the coast. If you are traveling this route on a Saturday, check out the Ballyvaughan Farmer\’s Market. You\’ll find organic meats, local produce, and local crafts.
  • *Open Saturdays from 10-2 (May to October)


  • Kinvara gets you a little bit closer to Galway. There are a couple of cool spots we found along the way.
  • Siar Coffee – Serves organic coffee, locally sourced food, house-made cakes, and other fine foods!
  • Dunguaire Castle – Built 1520, this castle is set against a beautiful background on the shores of Galway Bay. You\’ll find that castles are common, even just on the side of the road in Ireland, but this is a great stop along this route.


Check in at Adare Guesthouse


Adare is a quaint, modest, guesthouse just on the brim of the city center. Everything is easily walkable, which is why we chose this location. It\’s close to everything, but in a quiet area, so you can relax away from the hustle when you want to.

We also chose Adare because they source their food locally and have their organic garden as well! Breakfast is included in your stay; and if you are traveling with kids, the guesthouse is adjacent to a large public park with a playground.

Dinner at Ard Bia at Nimmos


Ard Bia was one of our favorite restaurants in Ireland. They have a fantastic atmosphere, right on the river in Galway, and an even more fantastic menu.

You\’ll find a seasonal and locally sourced menu. They serve organic wines and some great non-alcoholic beverages! They worked incredibly well with our dietary restrictions and the food was some of the best we have ever had.

*Ard Bia is right next to the famous \”Spanish Arch\”! Knock this monument off of your sightseeing list on the way to dinner.

DAY 8 – Explore Galway

Explore Galway Town

Quay Street – High Street – Shop Street


These three streets are pretty much the same street. As it progresses, it changes into the next street name. Here you\’ll find pedestrian streets, great nightlife, tons of food options, historical shops, and traditional Irish pubs with live music.

Latin Quarter – This is the hub of Galway. At night, the streets are filled with patrons, locals, and people sharing food and drinks as they enjoy live music.

Thomas Dillon Shop – this is where the Claddagh Ring originated. There is a fascinating tiny museum of the Claddagh Ring in the back of the shop.

Galway Market – This market happens on Saturdays in Galway. It stems off of High Street and you can follow it along, enjoying the fresh local fish, meats, produce, cheeses, coffee, food vendors, Irish seaweed products, local arts, oysters, bread, and fresh sushi. This is a perfect place to get food for lunch or travel snacks.

Galway Cathedral

Galway Cathedral is the last Roman Catholic Cathedral built in Ireland, which was built in the 50s & 60s.

Spanish Arch

This iconic Galway pre-medieval arch is on the river in the city center, next to Ard Bia at Nimmos.


Lunch at Tartare


Tartare is a precious cafe and organic wine bar near the city center. It\’s on a quaint street with several other great health establishments. This place is a *must-visit*! We went twice!

The menu is locally sourced and seasonal with organic salads, local artisan sourdough bread, vegan sweets, and AMAZING gluten-free bread. At night tartare turns into an organic wine bar with beautiful small plates using local meats, seafood, and cheese.

*Try the local organic Ko Kombucha! It\’s a Kombucha made by a local Irish couple, and you cant find it in many places, but tartare has it on their menu! It was some of the best kombuchas we have ever had.

Finish Exploring Galway

Hit any missed spots or shops you discovered along the way!

Dinner at Dela

Dela is a Galway clean eating highlight! Dela is a Scandinavian restaurant with an Irish twist. They source as much from their garden and animals as possible for their menu, and they also brew their beer.

The menu is unique and inventive and they have a fabulous atmosphere. Be sure and make reservations!

DAY 9 – Galway to Dublin

Grab a Coffee at Arabica Cafe

Arabica is in Galway\’s Westend and serves organic coffee and teas. They have a pretty large amount of seating for a café. They also have several vegan menu options, along with other breakfast classics

Lunch at Greens & Co

Greens of Galway is a locally sourced Vegan restaurant that also features several gluten-free dishes as well. They have plant-based cheeses and milk made in-house. *Watch for soy and gluten exposures.

Say By to Galway & Drive 2 hours to Dublin

<Optional Stop on the Drive to Dublin>

Sean\’s Bar in Athlone – The oldest pub in Ireland!

Check in at Fitzpatrick Castle

We wanted to stay in a castle while we were in Ireland, so we did the Fitzpatrick. It is south of Dublin in the sweetest neighborhood and just a minute\’s walk Killiney Hill!

Hike Killiney Hill at Golden Hour

Killiney Hill is a small park that overlooks the Irish Sea with incredible views. This is a great activity to close out your adventures in Ireland. *I recommend going at golden hour!

DAY 10 – Travel Home

Say bye for now to Ireland and Travel Home


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