For our 2nd wedding anniversary, we spent A Week at Sandals in Saint Lucia. All-Inclusive resorts are like a “land-cruise”. There’s food, drinks, and daily activities included in your stay; and everything is taken care of. All you have to do is arrive and relax!

The big question for us was…can we do Sandals in a way that works with our diet and clean lifestyle??

After some rushed research, I decided that we could spend A Week at Sandals Saint Lucia‘s all-inclusive resort and still maintain a significant rhythm of our non-toxic lifestyle.

Here’s how we did it!

Sandals Regency La Toc Saint Lucia

Why Sandals Saint Lucia?

We chose Sandals for the variety of resort-led island excursions, beach activities, on-site dining options, and the culinary concierge desk.

The pandemic allowed us to try something different and execute clean travel at an all-inclusive resort.

We were excited to find out and share with others how an all-inclusive can be a feasible option for clean travelers like us!

At Sandals, we felt like we could have a relaxing, clean, and adventurous vacation during the pandemic.

Sandals Saint Lucia at a glance

There are 3 Sandals resorts on the island of Saint Lucia – Sandals St. Lucia Grande, Regency La Toc, and Halcyon Beach.

They are all on the same side of the island, just on different beaches.

Sandals St. Lucia Grande is the largest of the three. Since Halcyon was still closed, we chose Regency La Toc. The pricing was better, it was smaller and seemed to have a quieter, more intimate vibe.

Eating Clean at Sandals

The Sandals Regency La Toc in Saint Lucia has 9 dining establishments, so you have plenty of options!

Make dinner reservations for the rest of your stay when you arrive, because the restaurants get booked quickly for dinner!

We always search for restaurants that source locally and if at all possible organic. At the bottom of every menu, you’ll find that Sandals partners with local farmers for available produce and meats.

At every meal, our server asked about any allergies or dietary restrictions. Many times the chef would come to our table to discuss menu options and alterations to meet our needs. It was an amazing service! One thing we were most impressed with was that the kitchen would make our sauces and dressings from scratch to avoid dairy, sugar, or bad oils.

Although the chefs were very accommodating, we encountered relatively similar meal options every day of animal/fish protein and veggies. If you have dietary restrictions, the kitchen preps your food from scratch and separately. They also cleaned the cooking utensils and pans/grills that they used so there wasn’t any cross-contamination.

One huge downfall for us was the lack of snack options available. This was where bringing our snacks came in handy, especially when we were on excursions!

If there are other Sandals on the island, you can visit these other properties for dining or resort activities. (This was not available during the pandemic).

Culinary Concierge Desk

The culinary concierge desk advertised on the Sandals website gave me an idea of how they handled dietary restrictions. This gave me more confidence in booking our stay here.

We met with the culinary concierge, and they assured us that we would have no problem eating at the resort restaurants.

Can Sandals Accommodate My Dietary Needs?

Eating clean at Sandals is attainable depending on your lifestyle and dietary restrictions…everyone is different!

As far as organic food goes, there wasn’t much. A few of the salads served had organic greens, and most vegetables served were NOT on the dirty dozen.

Sandals partners with local farmers to source their food. Small local farming practices typically exclude the heavy use of pesticides, herbicides & fertilizers.

Dairy-free and gluten-free dietary restrictions were both made very manageable throughout the resort\’s restaurants.

As far as vegetarian and vegan eating goes, there were several options at every meal. There was even Hungry Planet’s meatless “meat”.

Getting into grain-free & restricted oil usage made for a pretty restricted menu. When we added in no refined or added sugar, that sealed our fate in our available menu options. Even so, we still had options at every meal.

Restaurants & Meals

You’ll find that Sandals Resorts offers similar restaurants and dining options at all of their locations.

Below, I cover what was offered at Sandals Regency La Toc. These are very similar to the restaurants I researched at other Sandals locations.

Breakfast Smoked Salmon & Mackerel


Our two options for breakfast were The Pavilion Buffet & a sit down at Armondo’s.

Our go-to was a veggie omelet with a side of fresh fruit.

Other breakfast basics offered were eggs, breakfast meat, white potatoes, bread and pastries, cereals, oatmeal, and juices. There was also a make-your-own smoothie bar that was loaded with sugary fruit juices and dairy.

One thing I loved about The Pavilion Buffet breakfast at Sandals was that they had smoked salmon and mackerel (great omega-3’s!).


Sandals’ exclusive coffee provider is Jamaican Blue Mountain.

24/7 Sandals Coffee Station

This coffee is NOT organic, Rainforest Alliance Certified, or tested for mycotoxins/mold, or pesticides.

Non-organic coffee is known to be sprayed with pesticides, and herbicides. Because of this, coffee is one of the several things that I prefer to travel with my own.

Since I knew ahead of time, I came prepared with my favorite coffee and coffee alternatives – Dandy Blend, Purity Coffee Sachets, and Organic Tea.

There is a coffee station with an automatic espresso machine.

Generally, not a fan of these because of the lack of product quality and dairy/sugar additives.


The resort’s Italian / Mediterranean option.

We found fresh-caught fish and veggies here as a great option.

La Toc

La Toc is an upscale French cuisine restaurant that does require a dress code, and it is one of the nicest on the property.

This was one of our favorite restaurants we ate at. They have a seasonal menu with beautiful classic French dishes that are delicious!

The Pitons

The Pitons (another favorite) is an upscale, outdoor coastal Caribbean restaurant that has a wonderful surf and turf option on the menu!

The chef specially prepared salads for us that were spectacular. A melon & organic greens salad with a house-made herb dressing and a beet puree, radish, grape & shrimp salad on organic greens was our favorite!


Neptunes is one of the only restaurants open for lunch and can tend to get busy during that time.

*I recommend going for an early or later lunch to avoid the long waits!

There wasn’t much of a variety on this menu for us as far as gluten/grain/dairy-free options – but there was always a grilled chicken or fish with veggies available.


Kimonos is the resort’s Oriental restaurant – which is a hibachi grill setup. There is also a sushi restaurant called Soy, but we opted not to enjoy it because of rice and soy restrictions.

The only thing that was difficult and pretty unavoidable with this dining experience was the cooking oils and butter used.


For Sandals, I knew I would not have a kitchen or a grocery store and that we would be at the mercy of the resort to provide most of our food for the week – which is a big reason why I vetted them first!

I stuck with snacks and drink alternatives for the plane rides, excursions, and throughout the week.


There is a dessert menu at every restaurant that had a few dairy-free and gluten-free dessert options.

If you are sugar-free like us, I always bring something sweet with us when we travel, so we can satisfy a craving and we don’t feel like we are missing out!

Activities & Excursions

Being active while we travel is super important to us! One, because we love to explore, but also because being outside in nature can boost our immune system, clean our dirty genes, and release natural endorphins!

Whether it is an additional excursion or an included resort event or activity – there is never a shortage of something to do at Sandals!

Events include competitions by the pool, concerts, craft activities, free raffles, dance parties, movie nights, and more!

Sandals also offer included beach activities such as windsurfing, kayaking, snorkeling, paddleboards, and more!

Piton Sunset Snorkel Cruise

The Piton Sunset Snorkel Cruise takes you aboard a catamaran to a couple of great snorkel spots and a tour of some popular coastal sites.

After exploring the waters, tapas appetizers, and drinks are served on board as you make your way back to the resort while dancing to the music and enjoying the beautiful Caribbean sunset.

*Speak with the Tour Desk the day before your tour to discuss dietary requests and they can make arrangements with the boat crew.

The Explorer Catamaran Cruise St. Lucia

This excursion was a full-day snorkel adventure and island tour. It included a light breakfast and a grilled lunch on the boat.

The crew also speared some lobster, lionfish, and an octopus on our snorkeling adventures to grill and share with everyone!

PADI Diving at Sandals

Sandals Resorts boast PADI-certified dive shops that offer certification classes, review classes, discover scuba and advancement courses to expand your diving certification!

We took a refresher course since we had been out of the diving game for over 6 months and did 2 boat dives.

Superman\’s Flight Dive

The dive schedule at the shop informs you which days they will be visiting which spots, and the map below is posted outside of the shop so you can see what part of the island you are going to dive at!

The dive crew was very helpful and there was a small group of 6 divers that went out on our day. The equipment provided was great and there were no complaints out of either of us after our dives!

St. Lucia Dive Site Map



Alcohol’s included! This wasn’t a biggie for us as it is for many others.

The exclusive wine provider is Robert Mondavi. This wine is NOT organic but isn’t bad as far as quality and taste go.

Red Lane Spa & Fitness Center


One of my favorite things to treat myself to on vacation is a massage because they help with detox and assist lymphatic drainage (but make sure you hydrate before and after!).

Since our skin can be extremely absorbent of some chemicals in certain areas, I asked the massage therapist what kind of oil they use (*always good to address this before to make sure there are no fragrances or perfumes in the oil).

BioTone massage oil was used for basic massages like the one I got. From what I could tell from their product site, it seems like a relatively clean product.


Guest Room Red Lane Spa Toiletries

Toiletries are one of the items I always travel with because many hotel/resort toiletry products are full of toxic ingredients that burden our body’s detox pathways and negatively impact our endocrine system and natural hormone function.

Sandals has its exclusive product line from Sandals Red Lane Spa.

This line provides their toiletry products in every guest room which include sizable bottles of shampoo, conditioner, antimicrobial body wash, and body lotion.

I spent some time in the Spa to check out the ingredients on their other products and I was pleasantly surprised to find that several of their products were on the \”cleaner\” side and even had some organic ingredients.

The Red Lane Spa label states that its products are sulfate-free and made with all-natural ingredients.

Sulfate-free is great. “All-natural” is a label that I typically don’t trust because it can be misleading and still hide a lot of toxic ingredients – so I always make sure to read or ask for the ingredient list.

Fitness Center

Two other ways to assist detox while traveling are movement & sweat!

At Sandals, there is a Fitness Center with a variety of equipment and classes…if you are one of those “work out on vacation” kind of people.

I’m a big yogi and love practicing while I’m on vacation. Not only does it help with natural body detoxification processes through stretching, sweat, and “twist” poses, but it also helps with stress, anxiety, sustaining energy levels, and mindfulness.

So many of us can fall into the trap of distraction or stress while traveling, and I like that yoga helps me be present and enjoy where I am.

Sauna & Steam Room

One amenity that is normally included at most resorts is a sauna or steam room! This is one of my favorite parts about staying at a Resort and Spa – I love to sauna!

Sandals has a sauna and a steam room but they were both closed due to Covid, which I suspect was the case with many other resorts.

I love to sauna on vacation because it’s relaxing, but it’s also great for circulation and detoxification – which are both super important when we are traveling.

Sweating in the sauna helps assist our body’s natural detox pathways process and rid ourselves of all of the added harmful toxins we are exposed to on our adventures.

*Never sauna if you are tired or not feeling well, and get out before you start feeling bad! Be intentional about optimal sleep, hydration, and electrolyte replacement – or sauna can do the opposite of good. Always check with your physician before sauna and/or have any preexisting medical conditions.

In-Room Food & Drink

Sandals In-Room Amenities

In-room amenities included a small coffee pot, a plastic electric kettle, a mini-fridge with soda/juice/water, Robert Mondavi wine, Jamaica Blue coffee, Bromley’s tea, sugar & artificial sweeteners, and Coffee-mate creamer.

Since the kettle was plastic, I tried to get my hot water at the breakfast buffet for my coffee or tea from the stainless-steel urn or the espresso machine.

The water in our fridge was the water provided throughout the resort and what we drank all week. It was a Saint Lucia brand of water called Crystal Clear. It is purified water with no sodium.

This can be a difficult part of traveling clean because many times bottled water is the only water available.

Many studies have shown that bottled water may contain heavy metals, microplastics, pharmaceuticals, BPA/phthalates, bacteria, fertilizers, and disinfectant byproducts like chlorine.

Here is the filtered water bottle I like to travel with, for instances like these.

Butler Service

Because this was a last-minute trip for us, we decided not to pull out all of the stops for luxury.

However, I think the Butler Service has some serious perks you will want to consider for your stay at Sandals or any all-inclusive that offers this…it sounds amazing!!

Butler Service at Sandals is a 24-hour service and includes private golf cart transportation to any part of the property at any time of day. There is a shuttle that goes from the bottom of the resort to the top – but the personal golf cart would have been a nice touch!

Sandals does not do room service, but your Butler will bring your choice of food and drinks to your room to enjoy away from the restaurant crowds. This may be one of the biggest perks, in my opinion!

Your Butler also makes all of your dinner reservations, takes care of your tour bookings, and does any and everything that you need.

Speaking of the pool…your Butler wakes up and gets to the pool before anyone else and reserves your pool chairs for the day. They will also take care of your drinks while at the pool with a personal cooler, they bring with your drink choices.

The website has a detailed list of all Butler Elite perks.

Sandals Regency La Toc Saint Lucia

Overall, it was a good trip and we were so thankful to be able to get away and enjoy a tropical vacation in the midst of 2020.

Sandals Saint Lucia was a great place to relax and adventure.

I hope this post was enlightening and helpful in what it can look like to maintain your personal “clean” lifestyle while traveling to an all-inclusive Sandals Resort!

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