All-Inclusive Resorts are hugely popular because of the carefree vacation that it offers. You don\’t have to worry about transportation, food, drinks, activities…and the amenities are typically pretty impressive! Since these are so popular, I decided to create a Clean Travel Guide to an All-Inclusive Resort that helped us on our trip to Sandals in Saint Lucia.

Whether it\’s dietary restrictions, non-toxic lifestyle choices, or just staying on the bandwagon, I hope this Clean Travel Guide to an All-Inclusive Resort is helpful for your next adventure to paradise!

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Research before you go

This is one of my go-to moves for planning a cleaner vacation away from home.

Researching resorts before you choose is a great way to weed out resorts that don\’t promote cleaner philosophies.

This can include local food sourcing, healthy living, and wellness activities, or cleaner guest products.

You can also scope out the dining options, food alternatives, spa or fitness amenities – like sauna, detox treatments, yoga classes, hiking, etc.

I know this sounds like a bit of a fairy-tale, but these places do exist!

Tips to Eat Cleaner

Bring Snacks & Drink Alternatives!

This is something I never forget when I travel regardless of where I\’m going.

I typically make food (cookies, crackers, and trail mix) and also bring my favorite clean prepackaged snacks!

Check out my Products I Love page for some of my favorite travel snacks!


Research Resort Dining Options

All-Inclusive resorts typically have several dining options with sample menus on the websites. The menu options can change due to seasonal availability.

Looking at the dining options on the resort site can give you an idea of what kind of meal and snack options you will have while visiting.

You can either choose your resort based on this or know how to come prepared with alternative options if you have already booked your stay.

Resort Food Philosophies

Something that I like to look for when researching resorts, is if they advertise a food philosophy, which many do.

I like to choose resorts that source their food from small local farmers or use their on-site gardens and base their menu off of seasonal availability

If they use organic produce when available, this is a huge bonus!

This all lessens the chance of GMO products being used, or food being sourced from farms that utilize pesticides heavily.

Give your Dietary Restrictions to the Culinary Concierge or Server

Dietary restrictions and preferences are becoming more and more prevalent; and from what I have experienced, hotels and resorts are attempting to equip themselves.

It will not be a surprise or inconvenience to the staff, and they typically will do whatever they can to accommodate your requests with whatever options they have.

Often, the chefs that are running these resort restaurants are highly trained and open and willing to accommodate any dietary requests and create a dish that works for you. (This happened with us several times while we stayed at Sandals in St. Lucia).

Load up on Veggies and Fresh Fish


Vegetables, especially leafy greens, and cruciferous veggies, are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They help with liver function, gut & immune support, and detox!

Even if veggies aren\’t offered on the menu or with the specific dish that you are wanting – ask the server for a substitute!

Fish can keep our omega3:6 ratio in check for anti-inflammation and healthy hormone function!

Remember SMASH – for Salmon, Atlantic Mackerel, Anchovies, Sardines, and Herring. These 5 types of fish are highest in omega-3 fatty acids and lowest in mercury. Remember, wild-caught is best!

Fish that are often seen in coastal resorts and restaurants are tuna, mahi-mahi, and seabass, which can be higher in mercury levels and can pose a risk if eaten frequently.

When had in moderation and/or with a heavy metal binder, enjoying these types of fish shouldn\’t be harmful (unless you are pregnant or a child).1

Find Healthy and Fun Alternatives in what the Resort has to offer!

Even if there are no options listed on the menus, that doesn\’t mean they don\’t have them.

Typically, resorts have the ingredients and tools to do a lot of different things – we just need to ask!

Ask for non-dairy milk alternatives, honey instead of cane sugar, or make up your own fresh fruit drink concoction instead of the syrups they normally use for drinks at the bar!

*I like to enjoy a blended fresh fruit (watermelon or pineapple) with fresh lime and basil or mint!

Tips for Clean Products

Bring your own hand sanitizer

After the virus, resorts ensure a clean environment for their patrons.

Typical hand sanitizers can be full of toxic ingredients – one being Triclosan (known to contain endocrine disruptors and be a source of carcinogenic compounds.)2

Hand sanitizers can also contain phthalates, parabens, fragrances, and other toxins that may cause endocrine disruption, hormone dysfunction, and a higher toxin burden.

I am not a huge fan of chronic and persistent use of hand sanitizer. Like antibiotics, hand sanitizer kills the good and the bad bacteria.

We are made of bacteria and have lived and depended on exposure to these types of bacteria for centuries because of the benefits they offer to our microbiome and immune system. Killing all of it would be detrimental or our existence. However, it can be helpful and has now become somewhat mandatory in certain environments.

Research or Bring Toiletry Products

Toiletries are some of the most toxic products that we can use on our bodies. Some resorts advertise their toiletry product line on their website. Many don\’t.

This is something that I always travel with because I don\’t want to get caught having to use fragranced, paraben, and sulfate-containing products for a week.

However, I have researched resorts that are geared toward wellness and clean living that offer non-toxic toiletries. Just something to be aware of and look for!

*Check out Products I Love for my favorite clean body products & hand sanitizer!

Bring Your Supplements

We always bring our daily supplements with us while we travel so we don\’t miss a beat!

When we travel, I am always sure to pack our extra immune, gut & detox support supplements.

I pack Seeking Health\’s Liposomal Vitamin C Plus, Liposomal Glutathione Plus, Vitamin D3+K2, Zinc Lozenges, Digestion Intensive, and Vitamin A drops.

Check out Why Clean Living & Products I Love for more details on my favorite non-toxic travel items and eats!


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