When we are traveling, like many others, we get hungry and either don\’t want to pay for the expensive snacks or there is nothing that fits within our diet! That\’s why I created this Clean Stasher Bag Trail Mix Recipe!

This Clean Trail Mix Recipe is my favorite and go-to travel snack. It fits perfectly in my carry-on bag and it typically lasts throughout our travels. So, if we are on an excursion or a day trip, it\’s easy to pack with me in case I need a snack!

I can\’t tell you how many times this has been a life-saver for me in an airport, on a plane, or during a road trip.

I love this snack because Stasher bags are a clean alternative to using plastic bags or containers. They also seal great and are easy to wash and reuse while you are traveling!

Another reason I love this Trail Mix is that Nuts are a great source of protein, antioxidants, healthy fats, essential minerals and vitamins, and omega 3 fatty acids. Getting these nutrients in during travel, or just daily living is important!

This recipe fits perfectly in the Stand-Up Mid & the 1/2 Gallon Stasher Bag, but you can use any of their bags to store this Trail Mix! I also love the Stasher Mega Stand-Up Bag if I\’m doing a larger batch.



Buying \”Clean\” Nuts & Seeds

  • Buy Organic – When possible, this is ideal. Nuts & Seeds are sprayed with pesticides too!
  • Try to buy Refrigerated – This prevents nuts from becoming rancid or growing mold. (If not, then refrigerate once at home)
  • Avoid Bulk Dispensers – These easily become a moist environment and lead to rancidity and mold growth.
  • Buy Raw – Nuts are often roasted with unhealthy (inflammatory) oils & also oxidize easier when they are heated.
  • Look for Sprouted Nuts – This helps our body digest nuts easier, which allows for optimal nutrient benefits.

Additional Ingredients

I love the mix of salty and sweet, so I like to add a little something to my Trail Mix depending on my mood.

Organic Raisins are my personal favorite. Make sure and buy organic raisins, like these, to avoid heavy pesticide exposure. Grapes are one of the heavier sprayed fruits.

Organic Dark Chocolate Chips are another option, which is my husband\’s favorite. We typically don\’t use these if we are traveling because I don\’t want to risk them melting.

Organic Cacao Nibs are another chocolaty option that is going to be much lower in sugar content.

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