Slea Head Drive is the road that travels along the coast of Ireland\’s Dingle Peninsula. This drive is often compared to the Ring of Kerry (just south of the Dingle Peninsula) for its renowned breathtaking views and unique historical sites. My Guide to Dingle Peninsula Slea Head Drive not only shares great stops to make but puts them in sequential order as you come to them along the journey.

The Slea Head Drive loop is only about 30 miles but is a winding, two-lane road. Without stops, it would take about an hour to complete. However, you obviously want to stop and take in, what is known as some of the most beautiful sites in the world. Plan for about 3-4 hours for this journey.

This Guide to Dingle Peninsula Slea Head Drive takes you around the peninsula in a clockwise direction. Note that tour buses travel in a clockwise direction as well. Because of the conditions and narrow nature of the roads, many will advise you to drive clockwise so that you don\’t come head-on with tour buses. Plus, driving clockwise puts you on the coastal side of the road, so you get the best views!

*If you go in off-season like we did (in October), you\’re likely to not encounter as many patrons or tour buses. We were basically the only people at many of the sites. It was amazing.


Slea Head Drive vs. Ring of Kerry

Slea Head Drive is the Dingle Peninsula equivalent to the Ring of Kerry.

Typically driving both of these during your trip is not advised because the time it takes to drive the Ring of Kerry alone can be 3-8 hours depending on the number of stops you make.

They are both relatively similar except for the fact that the Ring of Kerry is longer, has a larger number of stops and physical attractions, and explores a larger geographical area.

My 10-day Wellness Itinerary to Ireland talks more about my time in both areas. It can be a difficult decision, but out of the two, I enjoyed Dingle more.

Dingle Peninsula Slea Head Drive

Begin Slea Head Drive in Dingle Town

Dingle is now one of my favorite places to visit in Ireland. This is a must-stop on your trip along the Wild Atlantic Way, and the perfect base for day trips exploring the Dingle Peninsula!

Visit my Clean Travel Guide to Dingle for more insights into staying in this beautiful Irish coastal town.

View of Dingle Bay from Greenmount Guesthouse

Ventry Beach

Ventry Beach is the first stop on this Guide to Dingle Peninsula Slea Head Drive! This beach is long and wide and perfect for swimming and laying out (if you are there in warmer months).

If you\’re up for it, Longs Horse Riding offers a 1-hour beach ride on Ventry or a 1-hour mountain ride overlooking Ventry. Or, you can do a 2-hour combo ride! This is a very popular and highly recommended tour.

Dunbeg Fort

Dunbeg Fort is a prehistoric building that is part of a series of ancient dwellings on the Dingle peninsula.

It costs 3 Euros per person to enter the site. It was interesting to see, and it is built on a cliff, which is really cool. This site is similar to the Fahan BeeHive Huts (below), and they both cost 3 Euros. If you want to choose one or the other, I enjoyed the Fahan BeeHive Huts more.

Fahan BeeHive Huts

These types of clochans (BeeHive Huts) can be found in several places in Kerry County, but this particular grouping of medieval Huts is quite famous and known to be one of the most spectacular collections.

The best part about these is that you can walk right up to them, go inside of them and explore all around.

Cashel Murphy

Cashel Murphy is another historical site along Slea Head Drive. It\’s an oval-shaped collection of clochans/huts. What\’s cool about this site, is that you can walk inside, but be sure to bring a flashlight (your iPhone flashlight will do)!

*Just past Cashel Murphy is a farm, where you can hold a baby lamb! This is a fun stop for anyone, especially if you have kiddos!

Cross at Slea Head


This is a pretty iconic sight along Slea Head Drive. There is a small area to pull on the side of the road, to stop and take photos. It fits about 4 cars.

On the other side of the road is a beautiful view of the ocean.

Caifé na Trá

Caifé na Trá is the perfect place to stop for a coffee or snack along your Slea Head Drive journey! This stop has some outstanding coastal views with indoor and outdoor seating.

*They close for the winter season, typically in early October.

Dunmore Head


Dunmore Head is one of the most westerly areas of Europe. This is a pretty big stop along Slea Head Drive, especially since it\’s known for being in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

First, you\’ll come to Coomeanoole Beach (pictured above). This is a beautiful beach. There is a ramp down to the beach where you can walk around during low tide. This beach was one of my favorite stops.

The second is Dunmore Head Loop. It\’s a 1.6-mile loop with breathtaking views, including the Blasket Islands (if the fog isn\’t too heavy).


Dunquin Pier

Dunquin Pier is one of the most popular stops along Slea Head Drive and was one of my favorites. It is so unique. But, don\’t be fooled by the winding drive down the pier…your car won\’t fit. Park at the top in the parking lot, and walk down to the pier!

This is such an interesting and beautiful place to experience.


*If you are interested in taking a ferry to the Blasket Islands, this is the spot that the ferry transports from! Here is a link to more info and booking resources for the Blasket Island Ferry. It is highly recommended to book your ticket in advance. Hourly ferries leave from Dunquin Pier around 10:30.

Kruger’s Bar

Just a little further down Slea Head Drive is Kruger\’s Bar. You\’ll see tons of signs for it, as it shares it is the most westerly bar in Ireland.

Blasket Island Centre

Near Kruger\’s Bar, is the Blasket Island Center. This center tells the story and heritage of the Blasket Islands. It\’s a great place to visit, especially if you are planning to take a ferry to visit the islands.

*This is also a good place to stop for nice toilets.

Louis Mulcahy Pottery and Café

This is a great local pottery spot to stop in and enjoy! They also have a small café upstairs, toilets, and other local goods for sale!

*The café has gluten-free options on the menu!

Clogher Strand

Clogher Strand is just about the same point as Louis Mulcahy Pottery. It is a beautiful small beach you\’ll find along Slea Head Drive.

Gallerus Oratory


This is a very popular stop on Slea Head Drive and one of the last historical sites you\’ll find on this route.

There is a small building in the parking lot where you can sit and watch a 10-minute intro video about the area and the Gallerus Oratory. You then walk up a gravel drive to the site. If you are the only ones there, like we were, the gatekeeper may let you drive up the road to the site.

This is an approximately 1000-year-old church and is known for being Ireland\’s best-preserved early Christian church. It was built in such a way, as to keep all moisture out, using dry stone masonry. There was no mortar used, just the shape of the stones and how they are put together to construct this building. It was pretty amazing to go inside on a rainy day and the dirt floor be completely dry.

This is a really spectacular sight to behold.

End in Dingle Town

Follow the road and signs back to Dingle Town and enjoy an afternoon organic coffee at Seed & Soul or a hot plant-based meal at Thyme Out Café.

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