After the past year, staying healthy before, during, and after you travel has become more important than ever. Whether it is road-tripping or jet-setting – I think we are all itching to get out and go somewhere.

Hopefully, many of us have already been taking steps towards a clean lifestyle that builds our bodies up. If not, no worries! You can check out my Why Clean Living post and my Instagram to learn more.

Daily clean living helps protect us when we travel. It helps prepare and support our immune system, detox pathways, and body while we adventure!

This doesn’t mean that we don’t get to enjoy the thrills of travel and the treat of different foods. But, we can travel with more confidence and still feel our optimal selves while we are away from home.

Here are a few tips for how we can stay healthy while we travel the world!


How to Eat & Drink when you Travel

Eat Clean when Possible

If organic isn’t possible – most of the time it’s not – then try to choose fruits and veggies that are on the EWG’s “Clean Fifteen” list.

Try to find restaurants or resorts that have a sustainable and holistic food philosophy. This looks like sourcing from local farmers with cleaner farming practices, using quality, fresh and seasonal ingredients, and curating a menu with whole foods.

Eat Balanced

Vacation can be full of treats. So, when you treat yourself pair it with clean proteins, healthy fats, fiber, and non-starchy veggies to balance your blood sugar.

Remember that sugar often triggers our body\’s inflammatory process and depresses the immune system. So, limiting excess sugar consumption while you travel is a great idea.

*If you do indulge, go for something with maple syrup, coconut sugar, or local honey!

Eat Local and Seasonal

Many destinations are home to restaurants that serve seasonal produce, pastured meats, and wild-caught fish that are local to the area. This provides fresh ingredients that are typically not as processed, pesticide sprayed, or exposed to harmful toxins before we eat them!

Eat Fermented Foods 

Fermented foods assist in feeding a healthy microbiome (gut bacteria).

Our microbiome is a large player in building and supporting a healthy immune system, and a large percentage of our immune system is housed in our gut. A Healthy Gut = A Healthy Immune System!


This is one of the most important things that you can do while you travel.

Staying hydrated helps our body flush toxins that we are exposed to. It also supports our liver detox & gut function while traveling.

We are more likely to become dehydrated while traveling, especially during air travel. Air travel can cause dehydration because of the low air humidity, so it\’s always important to hydrate the day before and the day of flying. We always buy extra water in the terminal to fill our filtered water bottles for the plane; because what they serve onboard is a pittance to what your body needs to maintain proper hydration.

Most airports have water bottle filling stations in the terminal (check for these before you spend a fortune on bottled water)!

Travel with Your Own Food

Whether it\’s car or air travel, I always come prepared with my healthy snacks. I like to travel with either approved brand packaged items or fresh food from my kitchen. This usually saves me money and from getting in a bad position of being hungry and having no “clean” food options.

Go Easy on the Alcohol

I know this isn’t a popular one, but when we drink alcohol we put stress on our body’s detox powerhouse – the liver. This leads us to a heavier toxic burden.

If you do choose to drink alcohol (no judgment here) try to make efforts to support your liver. Eat dark leafy greens & other cruciferous veggies, hydrate before and after, sweat during exercise or sauna, and poop!

One way I like to support my liver is to drink a glass of water with half a lemon in the morning on an empty stomach.

How to Supplement when you Travel

Bring Your Supplements

Bring your daily supplement regimen with you if possible! Seeking Health is my favorite supplement company. See some of my favorites that I use and travel with on my Products I Love page!

*These are our favorite, easily packable, supplement baggies.

Consider Packing Immune Supplements

I typically go a little heavier on certain aspects of immune support when I travel and bring along immune-boosting supplements.

I typically bring with me Seeking Health\’sLiposomal Vitamin C Plus, Vitamin A Drops, Vitamin D3+K2, and Zinc Lozenges.

Detox Support Supplements

When traveling, we are typically exposed to higher levels of toxins like airplane/car exhaust, smog, synthetic fragrances, drinking water, and toxic sanitization chemicals.

For some, traveling means drinking more alcohol than usual, and others are exposed to food items they typically steer clear from (gluten, dairy, sugar, etc).

Supplements can help shield our bodies from the potentially toxic effects of these.

My favorite Detox Support Supplements include Seeking Health\’sLiposomal Glutathione Plus, Digestion Intensive Chewable, and Liver Support.

Activities for Healthy Travel


Gentle Detox Practices

The main things you want to focus on for detoxing while you travel are to Sweat, Poop, Eat Fiber, Hydrate, Optimize Sleep & Eat Nutrient Rich Food.

The goal is not a heavy or targeted detox, but overall support of our natural detox pathways.

Get Out in the Sunshine

Vitamin D is immune support that some of us absorb differently depending on our skin, melanin content, and genetics.

We typically get more sun exposure when we are traveling compared to our daily lives, which is great. Remember that sunscreen decreases vitamin D absorption – so try doing 15 minutes or so in the sun before applying!

My favorite Non-Toxic Sunscreen is from Beauty Counter.

Be Active

Gentle to moderate exercise is an awesome way to stay healthy while you travel. Typically, the destinations we visit offer completely new and exciting ways to exercise that we rarely get to do or have never tried before! My personal favorites are surfing, snow skiing, swimming, yoga, and hiking.

When you plan your travel, make an effort to try a new outdoor activity in that destination. Sign up for a local yoga class, rent a bike, find a trail system to explore, or walk the streets of a new city. There are so many ways to intentionally move our bodies that will help in ways we don\’t even realize.

When we move our bodies, this assists blood circulation, healthy hormone production, mood enhancement, lymphatic circulation, and detoxification.

Another perk is that most exercise involves sweating – one of our greatest tools to detox naturally! All of this will work towards a stronger immune system, a healthier body, and feeling great while you adventure.

Get Quality Sleep

Our brain uses our glymphatic system to eliminate waste and toxins from our central nervous system. This happens optimally during sleep because this is when most glymphatic activity takes place.

For Optimal Sleep, try these!

  • Get 7-9 hours of sleep.
  • Complete darkness for natural melatonin production and decreased sensory disruptions.
  • No electronics for 1 hour before bed to avoid blue light exposure
  • Minimized alcohol, sugar, and caffeine before bed.
  • Keep the room temperature between 60-67 degrees

I hope this post was helpful, put your mind at ease, and gave you at least a few tools to use for staying healthy while you travel!

All content and media created and published by Clean Living Traveler are for informational purposes only. By providing this information, we are not diagnosing, treating, mitigating, or preventing any type of disease or medical condition. It is also not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice and should not be relied on as health or personal advice. View the entire Medical Disclaimer here.

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